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Previously, on 'Bishop's Island'...

(Writeups from Christine)


Episode 1

Party at Marc’s on Thursday night. Tucker & Kennedy hitting it off.
Brent & Chelsea dating (Chelsea was Tucker’s ex), Chelsea getting too friendly with Tucker at the party & Brent doesn’t like that, throws Tucker into pool.
POOL FIGHT! Tucker wolfs out a little and gives Brent a slash across chest.
THREE WAY IN THE SAUNA! Between Marc, Lily, and Saturn interrupted by peeping Tom at window, Saturn freaks & takes off.
Someone finds Bailey’s murdered corpse in treehouse with Saturn’s markings all over her body.
Lily gets Saturn out of there because Saturn is hungry and also shouldn’t be there when cops show up. Lily kills a rabbit for Saturn to help with her hunger.
Nobody’s made a thing about Saturn’s markings, other than our group…that’s weird…a couple of weeks ago a girl found murdered with same markings & cops haven’t questioned her about it. They just think she looks weird now. Lily glamours her when doing a makeover so that helps to hide the scars.
Tucker in Marc’s living room by himself. Chelsea jumps into his arms because she was freaked out about the murder…of course right then Kennedy walks in, sees the scene, does an about-face and leaves the party. Fuckin’ Chelsea. Tucker cries “Wait! No! Awww” but it’s too late.
Brent does not stay for medical treatment. Thinks Tucker pulled a knife on him in the pool.
Kennedy wandering on a path near the rich end of town on her way home. Meets and has a conversation with Jack. Something causing problems here, wants Kennedy to help with figuring it out.
Eventually, Tucker & Kennedy & Lily back at Marc’s for cake. Kennedy reveals that she kills monsters. Tucker is nervous. Marc goes into Brent’s bedroom using his ghost power & Brent tells Marc to fuck off.

Episode 2

Brent confronts Marc at school and wants to know what the fuck that was last night. Marc denies he knows anything. Brent accosts Tucker at practice and coach makes them both run laps. In locker room afterwards, Brent threatens Tucker but teammates on Tucker’s side. Brent sneaks back in and fucks (with) Tucker in the shower. Sucker punches Tucker. Tucker wolfs out and fucks Brent up.
Saturn curious, goes into locker room. Suspects wolf = Tucker. Wolf saw Saturn, is intimidated, noses Brent’s body over to Saturn as an offering and scampers off. Saturn drinks Brent’s blood, couple nibbles. Passes janitor and says there’s a mess in the locker room… “Clean up, Aisle Brent.”’
K, L, M at Marc’s house having conversation, meet up to discuss what happened to Bailey. Kennedy leaves for patrol.
Tucker still wolf self/darkest self, goes to Chelsea’s house because of some testosterone bullshit where he thought he had to claim what once was his back from Brent. Kennedy comes across Chelsea’s house after Wolf Tucker arrived and was wrecking shit, but before Chelsea got messed up. Chelsea’s little sister April sees the whole thing. Tucker & Kennedy rumble a bit and Tucker hurts Kennedy enough to knock him out of darkest self. Kennedy throws coat over him and brings him back to her place to nurse their wounds.
Marc & Saturn hook up. Lily hanging out & chatting w/groundskeeper. Lily gives Saturn a makeover with clothes she found in the thrift store bins & takes her clubbing at an old converted church called The Chapel (the cool under-21 club). While there, Lily communes with the Autumn Court to get information, dancing out on floor that transforms into a “Labyrinth”-like scene. Saturn touches Lily’s arm and can see what Lily sees for a brief moment.
Kennedy & Tucker hook up for first time….Tucker is tending to her injuries and it gets romantic. Kennedy says “Before I change my mind” and they hook up. Montage end was Tucker climbing out of K’s window and looking back…he can’t tell if she’s looking out at him. Kennedy is standing back far enough so he couldn’t see her but is looking out at him.
Saturn & Lily walking tracks at dawn while holding their high heels. Marc gets a phone call, picks up phone, cuts to Brent’s hospital room. Song “She Will Find Me” ends with morning on the docks, mysterious woman gets off boat and asks where she can find Shady Acres.

Episode 3 (first half of 2-parter)

Over weekend, Saturn & Marc keep hooking up. Kennedy avoids Tucker. Kennedy finds wood-goblins while on patrol and scuffles with them.
Monday at school, Marc brings coffee to Kennedy in her car. Kennedy says we have to talk. Shares bit about goblins.
Saturn intrigued by Tucker. Creeping him out and complimenting him. Tucker is fascinated.
Kennedy decides she & Tucker need to have a talk. They ditch math. Kennedy tells Tucker this is not a good idea. Tucker is confused. They end up in the empty home ec classroom. Which of course ends with them having sex. (also probably not a good idea)
At lunch, Saturn is friendly with Tucker. Kennedy sees them and jumps to conclusions, leaves school grounds. Goes to nearby burger place, gets food she doesn’t eat, and sits at picnic table throwing fries at the birds. College age dude (Anthony Michael Hall Looking Motherfucker, aka AMHLMF) comes over and says “Hey, y’know, if you don’t wanna talk that’s ok, I’m just gonna sit here” and she says “Good, because I don’t wanna fuckin talk.” She throws a few fries and then says “I mean, what the fuck!?” He listens and is supportive. At the end he says, “Well hopefully I’ll see you around.” Kennedy goes back to school.
Brent’s friends text everyone to say that Tucker has no balls. Saturn doesn’t see message. Lily thinks he lost his footballs and is sad for him, gets a couple, and after practice offers them to him. Tucker takes her gesture the wrong way, gets pissed and tells her off. She gets very angry. It is unwise to reject a gift. Breeze blowing around, leaves blowing that shouldn’t be off trees yet. Lily’s voice changes and she is bigger and scarier, more masculine. Tells Tucker not to treat his representative badly. “You don’t talk like that to one of my people. I could kill you anytime because your sort doesn’t belong here.” Tucker like “Whaaaat?” Lily says it was the Autumn King.
Lily communes with Autumn Court. Told to find Summer Knight to find out what’s happening on the island.
Kennedy decides to have it out with Tucker because she’s sick of his shit with fuckin’ Chelsea & now Saturn. She catches him while he is running laps, throws a stick at him & trips him. Tucker tries to tell Kennedy to back off, this is not the best time. She says no, we’re gonna have it out. He wolfs out/darkest self. She quickly realizes her error and tries to de-escalate by baring her throat. No dice—he’s too far gone. He grabs her, shakes her, and flings her against a tree. She is unconscious and fucked up. As soon as he hurts her he reverts and is sorry. This time he wraps her up & takes her to Marc’s house. Uncle Neil’s caregiver/nurse is there and treats her. Tucker’s dad sees him taking her to a bedroom and basically says “Have fun.” He’s an asshole.
Meanwhile, Saturn leaves & goes to hospital. Wants to do something nice for Tucker and figures murdering Brent is something he would appreciate. She knows Brent is a bad person because Tucker said so. She takes a few bites out of his arm and then out of his neck. She walks out of hospital wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Marc shows up and finds him in bad shape and calls for the nurse & the Emissary. Jack shows and then nurses/docs etc show up. Jack tells Marc to leave, Marc goes into bathroom and asks the powers that be who did this…sees Saturn in mirror and slams his bloody fist into the mirror.

Episode 4 (second half of 2-parter): “Say Something”

Kennedy recovers but is still brain rattled & not acting like herself. Acting like an abused girlfriend, cringes around him. Saturn leaves hospital, then tries to make herself more Bailey-esque. Dyes her hair, gets makeup, finds Lily to give her makeover w/fairy glamour. She is HAWT. Looking like Bailey, she wanders the beach where she is murdered. Approached by Jack, who knows why she is out there, wants to help. Makes an informal deal to help each other and they shake on it.
After leaving hospital, Marc finds wood-goblins and tries to fuck some up b/c he’s upset. They escort him to the manifestation of their master who is an old Winter King of the Fae. Marc makes deal to save his ass but doesn’t agree to trade him for Jack as his Patron.
Back at Marc’s house. Island has secrets. Spirits of native people here. Emissaries that act as go-betweens of old forces and new forces, Fae realm is strong. New side of Lily, this is serious shit. Marc says do not mess with Fae. Whoever Marc saw is not the current King of Winter Court.
Saturn loses her shit and blurts out to Tucker that she is dead. He gets morbid inflicted on him and then she turns him on. He is now morbid AND turgid.
Kennedy goes home to find AMHLMF, who turns out to be her foster parents’ son home from college.
According to Fae, if Lily can translate markings on Saturn and Bailey, it will lead to true name of Winter King and then they can stop him.
Cut to a book with those markings in it. Hand turning pages. Camera pans up and it’s Mr. Keats.

BONUS MATERIAL: Lily’s attempts to throw Saturn & Marc together with bacon roses and poetry. Upon finding poem in locker, Saturn takes it with her. Marc was pretty sure it was Lily doing it and not Saturn.


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